Thursday, November 7, 2013

Are You Ready for Winter?

Winter Program Directory
It may be early November, but we're getting excited about winter! With over 350 programs to choose from, the winter issue of the Park System's Program Directory has us all anticipating tons of fun throughout December, January and February. With programs in arts & crafts, culinary arts, horticulture, nature, outdoor adventures, sports & fitness, and so much more, the Park System offers a world of fun right in your own backyard.

And with the upcoming new year, we've added special themed programs that will give visitors a more worldly experience. When you "Explore the World through Recreation" with us you'll be choosing programs that celebrate cultural interpretations of recreation, arts and nature. Some of these include Bonsai - Art & Nature Combined, Ballroom Latin Dancing, Tabata Training, Global Games, and more. These culturally themed programs are easy to find; just look for the globe icon while browsing your copy of the Winter Program Directory.

Ready to try something new? You'll find over 75 brand new programs that are sure to peek your interest. Take a look at just a few...
  • Celtic Vision Bracelet - The Blingy Celtic Vision Bracelet is a beautiful piece of chain maille jewelry that marries the smoothness of metal jump rings with crystals! What better way to learn this fun and fashionable technique?
  • Allergy Cooking for Your Family - Do you or someone you love struggle with food allergies? Are you at a loss for what to feed your child who is allergic to dairy, eggs or nuts? Do you have a grandchild that you’re afraid to bake for because of their allergies? This class aims to meet your needs. Taught by a mom with ten years of cooking experience for a food-allergic child, you will learn how to prepare delicious desserts without cow’s milk, butter, eggs or nuts.
  • Keep Calm and Hike On - Combine the rigors of hiking with a relaxing method of creating beautiful abstract art. No drawing skills required! We will hike the scenic trails of the county parks, stopping along the way for simple step-by-step instructions to create without the limits of drawing a specific “thing” or being constrained by expectations. By alternating hiking and drawing we may enhance our creativity and build our sense of well-being. Spontaneous outbursts of creativity will be encouraged!
  • Bedtime Stories - Who says you can’t wear your pajamas to the park? Join us for an evening out in your pajamas. Enjoy a bedtime snack while listening to a bedtime story. You’ll even get to meet a live animal before heading home to get tucked in for bed.
  • Super Bowl 101 - The Super Bowl will be watched by over 100 million people. Not all of them will understand the game. What’s an offensive tackle? How many downs are there? Why are the refs throwing those yellow hankies? In preparation for the big game we will watch clips of NFL game footage and explain positions, basic rules, and what to watch for on Super Bowl Sunday. This year don’t feel like the only part of the Super Bowl you understand is the commercials.
  • Eco-Friendly Gifts for Friends - Create fun gifts from recycled materials for your friends and family this holiday season. Everyone will love these “green” gifts and you’ll get to save money and the environment. What could be better!
  • Santa's Helpers - The Fort Monmouth Recreation Center is minutes away from Monmouth Mall, so parents can go holiday shopping while our elves help your little ones with some Christmas preparations of their own. All participants will make and wrap a special gift for their parents, as well as have game time and a holiday snack.
  • Grow Lab - Grow a salad, design an acid rain experiment, discover plant mysteries and more. From seed to fruit and back again, we’ll observe life cycles, taste our efforts, and even grow some holiday gifts.
  • Golf Fundamentals for Kids - Come learn how to play golf, using SNAG™ (Starting New at Golf) equipment! Learn all the basic elements of golf in a modified form. Falling somewhere between regulation and miniature golf, participants will learn the basic skills necessary to eventually transition to a golf course. Full shots, chipping, pitching and putting will be covered.
And don't miss all the other information available in this issue of the Program Directory. If you enjoy outdoor fun in the winter, check out the inside front cover for important information on sledding, ice skating, ice fishing, and cross-country skiing in the parks. Learn about some things the Park System has to offer that you might not have known about in the Park System Spotlight article "Did You Know?" on pages 2-3. Mark your calendar for special events like the Creative Arts Center Show and Sale, Seashore Open House, or Deep Cut Gardens Photography Exhibit, listed on page 4. Interested in renting a room for an event? A special feature on room rentals in the Park System can be found in the winter issue on page 67.

There's no doubt about it, the Winter Program Directory offers the opportunity for three months of fun! If you're already on our mailing list, your copy will be arriving shortly. Copies can also be picked up in most of your Monmouth County Park System parks or you can view it online. Registration for winter programs begins Wednesday, November 13 at 8am.