Thursday, May 2, 2013

May Spotlight: Naturalist Division

Park System Naturalist Chris Lanza during a 
Park System fossiling program.
At the Monmouth County Park System we pride ourselves on offering programs that will introduce you to new hobbies, new skills or send you on an adventure. But we're also about bringing nature and the environment into your life by offering locations to learn about the natural world through exhibits or by interacting with staff. The Park System's Naturalist Division is staffed by a knowledgeable team that is prepared to answer questions and always on the look out for amazing nature finds throughout the year.

Staff at the Bayshore Waterfront Park Activity Center, Huber Woods Environmental Center and Manasquan Reservoir Environmental Center are dedicated to the natural environment that surrounds us and the animals that inhabit it. Each season they provide programs that will educate children and adults about animals, insects, habitats, Native American ways of life, and more! Exciting and fun programs available this May include Blackfish Cove Kayak Adventure, Celebrate World Turtle Day, and Creatures of the Fishing Pier. Naturalists have also created a wide variety of group programs available for school and community groups that promote awareness, understanding, and stewardship of our natural history and environment.  

Park System Naturalist Sam Skinner takes his role 
as our "Roving Naturalist", leading free nature walks through 
various parks throughout the year.
When they're not creating fun and educational programs for children and adults alike, Park System Naturalists are staffing their locations to offer nature interpretation to visitors. Have questions about a bird you spotted on a trail? Wondering what animals live in the reservoir? Interested in learning about the creatures of the Sandy Hook Bay? Our Naturalists are prepared to answer all of your questions.

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