Thursday, July 13, 2017

The Pergola "Echo" at Deep Cut Gardens

Beneath the Pergola at Deep Cut Gardens
At the far end of Deep Cut Garden’s parterre (rose garden) stands an elegant pergola. Pergolas, like gazebos, are outdoor structures used for entertainment or leisure. They are typically square or rectangular, although the one at Deep Cut is round. 

Built in 1935 by then-owner Vito Genovese, the pergola and parterre are fashioned in a style evocative of Genovese’s native Italy. Both are constructed out of local peanut stone.

The atypical shape and local stone make this pergola a special place in our parks, but it has another unique feature: an echo! If you stand in the center of the pergola, directly underneath where the crossbeams of the roof meet, you can hear an echo of your voice. You may have to adjust your feet if your first attempt is unsuccessful. Only when you are perfectly positioned in the center of the pergola will this trick work. But here’s the catch: No one else in the pergola will be able to hear the echo. Next time you visit the park with a friend or a group, try it for yourself.

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Deep Cut Gardens in Middletown

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