Monday, May 21, 2012

Family Fun While Discovering the Parks

If you’re a fan of Monmouth County Park System parks you and your family probably stick to a few favorite locations. But the Park System has over 30 locations for visitors to enjoy all year round. If you’re ready to discover some new locations in a family-friendly way, we have fun approach to get you started!  

Rockin’ the Trails is back for the third year in a row and will have you discovering park locations you may have never seen or new details about parks you already love. You and your family will be sent on a mission to visit eight specific Monmouth County parks and discover answers to our questions. Each answer will supply you with letters that will combine to reveal a special nature quote from John Burroughs. Participants may either mail their completed brochure in or bring it to the Huber Woods Environmental Center or Manasquan Reservoir Environmental Center. You will then be entered in the Grand Prize Drawing that will take place at the year's end (last year's winners enjoyed a free family boat tour at the Manasquan Reservoir).

Don't miss out on this terrific family experience! You can find a PDF of the Rockin' the Trails brochure on our website or call (732) 842-4000, ext. 4312, to have one delivered by mail.

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