Monday, May 28, 2012

Exploring Creativity at the Creative Arts Center

Thompson Park Creative Arts Center
The Creative Arts Center at Thompson Park, Lincroft is a facility designed to give visitors the chance to experience a multitude of different crafts. The center features ceramics and pottery studios as well as classrooms for painting, drawing and other craft activities. One of this spring's newest programs was The Creative Arts Experience, a six session class for adults that covered a new medium each week. From painting to sewing, pottery to printmaking, and more, students were given the chance to explore crafts that they may have never tried before.

The Creative Arts Experience has been a terrific way for our participants to find a craft they enjoyed without committing to a full session of one activity. On the first week we delved right into pottery, showing participants (some of which had never touched clay before) how to use handbuilding techniques to create a fun birdhouse. In the weeks following we have explored acrylic paints,printmaking, origami, watercolors and a simple sewing project as time allows.

The Creative Arts Experience will be offered again this autumn, so be sure to keep an eye out for it in the Fall Directory (available on Friday, August 10).


If you're looking for a program to take this summer, be sure to check out the Summer Directory which lists all of our programs and special events for June, July and August. Some of this summer's arts & crafts programs include:
Adult Arts & Crafts
Kids & Teens Arts & Crafts
Parent & Child Arts & Crafts
This is merely a sampling of the creative programs scheduled for this summer. Pick up a copy of our Summer Directory (available in most county parks) or visit our website for a full list of programs.

Staff Contributor: Christina Carlson, Creative Arts Center Staff

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